SSuite® Advance Office

SSuite® Advance Office 2.04

SSuite® Advance Office is an advanced software suite of office programs

SSuite® Advance Office 2.0 is a software suite of office application programs written in Windows code, not JVM, that provides users with a speedier office suite that uses less resources on PCs or laptop computers, and is compatible with MSWorks 1-9, StarOffice and OpenOffice.

The applications included in SSuite® Advance Office 2.0 include the full suite of applications that come with the SSuite Office Personal Edition (which is included fully in this advance edition), of; SpreadForm One for spreadsheet work, WordFormat 2 for word processing, EZMail for email needs, WebBrowser Pro for exploring the Internet, and Envelope Printer, a PDF Creator, a Sorting Machine for sorting elements of data, an Address Book Store, and an Internet Timer. However, the SSuite® Advance Office 2.0 has additional applications and these are: Accel, advanced spreadsheet application; WordGraph, a more advanced word processor, a Lotto Machine for lottery players, EZDraw and EZPhoto Editor complete with Album Viewer, and Graphic utilities to suit everyone.

The Accel advanced spreadsheet application features auto insertion of over 130 functions for Maths, Financial Input, Time, Logic, Reference, Statistics and Text. Accel allows connection to any database using ODBC for querying. The sorting option of columns and rows allow up to 9 levels and 2D and 3D charts can be created using the Chart Wizard. The advanced word processing application, WordGraph, features all the usual functions but has over 50 additional font styles and includes letter salutations and endings. The WebBrowser Pro, includes an instant LAN Messenger enabling users to chat to anyone on their LAN network on their Network Media Player.

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